"Bob Harriman has the energy, experience, attention to detail, and the drive to make valuable contributions to any construction project. Whenever one of the inevitable problems which are inherent in construction occurred, Bob has gone the extra step to make sure the issue is resolved to everyone's satisfaction."

-Brad Binkowski, Urban Land Interests

"I have the highest regard for Bob. He is completely honest and genuinely places the interests of his clients first. He knows what quality work is, and insists on it from his employees and subcontractors. Bob is mature and has the judgment that can only come from experience. But above all else, Bob is a very decent person. I have seldom encountered a more comprehensive individual in matters of construction."

-Tom Neujahr, Urban Land Interests

"Bob tackles everything he does with great intensity, but even more importantly he is a problem solver. Every project faces challenges and problems, it's just the reality of the construction business. The measure of a person is how they resolve these problems. Bob has always stepped up to the plate and resolved the issues quickly, and fairly."

-David Jennerjahn, Velario Dewalt Train

"I would hire R.G. Harriman again...Perhaps typical of any building project, there were numerous times and reasons for challenging, budgetary decisions to be made. Throughout the process, R.G. Harriman not only well managed this process, they were extremely pro-active about helping find alternative solutions when cost did not justify the investment in a particular feature. Yet, in every case the proposed solutions did not inhibit the character and vision of the space. In fact, I truly believe that many of their recommendations have led to more unique, interesting and efficient aspects of our space."

-Edward C. Peck, President/Owner, Filament Marketing, LLC

“We have worked with R.G. Harriman on 4 different major projects and would call them again for the 5th, 6th or 7th.” – Jon Brakebill

"Gary Lee Partners has successfully worked with the R.G. Harriman over the last ten years. I have never encountered a team with such dedication, follow thru, follow-up, and professionalism as I have with R.G. Harriman General Contractors."

-Dana Koch, Director, Gary Lee Partners